Friday, March 5, 2010

First Microfluidic Chip Ready to Use

As I have started working on microfluidic devices for last couple of weeks, my first chip is ready for use. This is a glass microchip intended to enhance the sensitivity of ELISA. Design of the this chip is not complex. Fabrication of such chips requires more art than science, I believe. My chip is not perfect but good enough to carry out some of the tests that I am planning in following days. I am happy for this. 

The most difficult and uncertain part of chip fabrication was bonding two glass plates-the substrate in which channels were developed and a cover plate to cover the substrate plate. I will write in details about each steps involved in fabrication with my experience in upcoming posts. Keep visiting this blog. In brief photo-lithography and wet etching process were employed and room temperature bonding was used. Below is the picture of my chip.

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